About Us
Floyette Originals has been family owned and operated for over 50 years. We make all types of drill team hats for schools located all over the state of Texas and beyond. The company is owned and still operated by Floyette Waller, who was born in 1910. She still works every day to be sure the quality of her drill team hats is the same as it was when the first hat was manufactured over half a century ago.

We manufacture thousands of hats each school year and each and every one is custom designed for a particular drill team member at each school. Our manufacturing facility is still located in South Dallas at the same location it started in over 50 years ago. Much of the equipment we use to make the hats is no longer made and we proud to have been able to keep them working for many years.


These are just a few of the many hat trees you will find scattered throughout our facility as we
work feverishly to fill the custom orders for schools throughout the southwest.


P.O. Box 873, Red Oak, Tx. 75154
Telephone: (214) 337-5786, (972) 224-2863
Fax: (214) 337-8146